Global Leader in High Current Systems
Combining the knowledge of LEM and Halmar, DynAmp has a unique understanding of high current applications with over 50 years of experience and thousands of systems installed throughout the world.

Products & Services

DynAmp designs, manufactures, installs, calibrates, and sercices products and systems for electro-chemical and electro-industrial applications

All of our products incorporate over 60 years of experience to ensure superior, reliabel performance in this uniquely harsh and demanding environment.

No single technology is right for all applications. DynAmp offers a number of measurement technologies to fit the specific needs of each application.

  • · Fully compensated optical technology

  • · Closed-loop Hall Effect technology

  • · Advanced OLOP technology

  • · Rogowski Coil technology


Available Products

We offer a variety of products and services to meet the needs of our customers. To help you make the best decision regarding our products, we have an overview of our general products · services and a comparison of our LK current measurement systems.

Additionally, see below for more infomation on each of our products and services:

  • LKCO

    High accuracy bi-directional(DC & AC) closed-loop, fully-compensated, fiber optic current measurement

  • LKP

    High accuracy uni-directional(DC) current measurement

  • LKAT

    Metering accuracy rectifier current measurement and protection systems

  • BRP

    vasic rectifier reverse-current protection system

  • RCEM

    Rectifier conditional analysis system

  • Clamp-On

    Portable clamp-on high-current measurement instrumentation

  • Peripheral & Custom

    Signal and process line voltage isolators, shunts, wattmeters, and integrated systems

  • Services

    Installation, commissioning, calibration, repair, training, and rectifier services


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